Session Descriptions

Dr. Randy Carlson – The Power of Intentional Living for Families in Business

You will discover how Intentional Living will help you:

  • Resolve family conflicts
  • Make tough decisions
  • Live out your faith in business
  • Grow your business
  • Pick a successor
  • Come to agreement
  • Live  out your values in your business
  • Add to your bottom line

Dr. Kevin Leman – Abel Had It Coming – Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Learn how birth order plays an important role in how we see ourselves and how we see others. It explains many areas of personal collisions that occur in business and everyday life.

Rick & Holly Betenbough – Doing Business Gods Way

You will discover:

  • God’s heart for your family and business
  • God’s intention for how you do business
  • How to balance home and work
  • How to find joy in what you do
  • How to give your business meaning beyond just making money
  • The secrets that made Betenbough Homes the number one homebuilder in West Texas

Brian Mueller – Generate an Idea That Will Disrupt an Industry

The ultimate goal of many small business entrepreneurs is to generate an idea that will disrupt an industry and produce a product or service that will improve thousands, if not millions, of lives. Brian will talk about the innovative and disruptive concepts that laid the foundation for GCU’s transformation from a small, struggling Christian university into the fastest growing university in the country today. He will also share how the university is spinning off additional small businesses that are disrupting other industries and bringing prosperity to the local economy.

Jerry Colangelo – One-on-One with Jerry Colangelo

Dr. Randy Carlson will interview business legend Jerry Colangelo. Mr. Colangelo guided the Phoenix Suns into one of the most successful organizations in the NBA. He brought Major League Baseball, WNBA and NHL to the Valley of the Sun. Colangelo’s commitment to the Valley transcends sports and he is well-known as one of the city’s most active community leaders.

Family Business Panel Discussion – Dr. Kevin Leman and Rick & Holly Betenbough

You will learn:
• The secrets of building and running a successful multi-generational Christian family business
• Tips for getting started in business
• What works best with succession planning
• How to balance a growing business with a thriving family
• How to keep Christ at the center of your business in today’s culture

Plus, you’ll be able to ask questions of successful families in business.

Thriving Moments

You will learn:
• Ways to collect and use employee feedback
• How to find the sacred even in a secular workplace
• Why it’s important to identify the “why” behind your business
• The importance of protecting the culture and values of your business