October 26, 2016


Phoenix, Arizona & Live Video Stream

About the Thrive Conference


The Thrive Conference for Families in Business is designed to strengthen and grow your business to set you up for long-term success. Come and learn not only tools for the business development but also for maintaining healthy and strong family relationships. At this conference you will learn practical methods to draw your family together in your business; get the most from your employees; and gain insight into balancing your faith, home and work life.

Join best-selling author, and speaker Dr. Randy Carlson along with an expert guest faculty of industry leaders for an exciting day of sessions designed to take your family business to the next level.

Topics to be Covered Include:

Secrets to a thriving family business

Making and becoming a good leader

Communicate for success

Doing business God's way

Generate an idea that will disrupt an industry

The importance of birth order in family business dynamics


Who Should Attend:

Family business leaders

Family member employees

Spouses, siblings and cousins

Non-profit ministries and church leaders that work with family

Couples in business

Those wanting to start a business

Business leaders

Professionals offering services to families in business like accountants, attorneys, counselors and consultants


Spots will fill up quick - be sure to register as soon as possible!

Early Bird Register by 09.30.16 $119 – General Admission
$99 – Group Rate (group 5+)
Regular Register after 09.30.16 $149 – General Admission
$129 – Group Rate (group 5+)
Live Video Stream $169 (watch live on the day of the event, or watch it recorded up to 2 weeks following the conference date)

Speakers & Video Faculty

*Faculty subject to change. Video faculty members will provide brief recorded messages.

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*Schedule Subject to Change


9:00AMMusic with Grand Canyon University
9:00AMSession 1 - Dr. Randy Carlson
9:45AMThriving Moment video with Dr. Ken Canfield
9:50AMThriving Moment video with Dr. Brent Garrison
9:55AMSession 2 – Brian Mueller
11:00AMThriving Moment video with Dr. John Trent
11:05AMThriving Moment video with Linda Swindling
11:10AMSession 3 – Holly & Rick Betenbough
12:10PMNetworking lunch break
1:10PMMusic with Grand Canyon University
1:25PMSession 4 – Jerry Colangelo
2:10PMThriving Moment video with Allan Solhiem
2:15PMThriving Moment video with John Beckett
2:20PMSession 5 – Dr. Kevin Leman
3:25PMThriving Moment video with Cindy Monroe
3:30PMThriving Moment video with Greg Knapp
3:35PMSession 6 – Panel discussion with Kevin Leman, Dennis O’Reilly, Rick & Holly Betenbough
4:20PMClosing session – Dr. Randy Carlson

Session Descriptions



Grand Canyon University Arena


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*Speaker and Faculty beliefs may not necessarily reflect those of the Intentional Living Center and Family Life Radio, and their presence at the conference does not imply endorsement of their views or affiliations.